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Sky Blue druzy Agate pendant


Properties of Agate Crystals:  self-confidence, courage, emotional strength, healing and love.

We have made this beautiful necklace in Agate, it will help to reduce your anxiety and stress and harmonize your balance (4th Chakra).   

Agate has the properties to cleanse and stabilize the aura by removing and transforming negative energy.

Love and healing

We have chosen to make this necklace 65cm long, finished with a faceted raw brass bullit chain, the agate will fall over your Hart Chakra that stands for love and healing. 

It is a one of a kind handmade druzy pendant necklace with a blue fan shaped agate pendant and gold electroplated edges. 

Everyone can wear this beautiful accessory as it does not contain nickle or any other material that can provoke allergies.

Agate 3.5 cm and 3cm width.

We recommend not to shower, swim or bathe with this bracelet because of the gold plated edges.  

This Necklace is part of the Mme Bovary Agate Collection and has been produced by hand in our own Atelier in Antwerp, Belgium.