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Mme Bovary - Beaded shell bracelet - blue


Mme Bovary has selected for you a collection of beautiful handmade armcandy handmade in Indonesia.  Gypsy or bohamian style has become a musthave for this summer. 

A beautiful natural shell is used for this gorgeous boho style bracelet.  Finished with a handmade tassel in blue and light brown waxed cord and a sliding knot closure.

This Ibiza style bracelet is stackable with other bracelets or beautiful when worn in combination with a watch (we love Cluse <3 ) They are the favourite armcandy of girls that like boho bohamian gypsy style. The size is adaptable and will fit any wrist.  Nikkel free. 

Giftwrapping is very important to us.
This bracelet comes in a very beautiful giftwrapping: a small transparant bottle where you can appreciate your bracelet from the first moment you open the package.