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  • Custom order for Yuko

Custom order for Yuko

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Custom order for Yuko

Dear Yuko,

Thank you so much for appreciating our products so much.

I have made this custom order on the website so you can order all products at the same time with just 1 click.   This is the list of products that you will receive:

big size Open eyes  @10.95*7 =76.65
big size Close eyes   @10.95*7 =76.65
small size Open eyes  @14.95*2 =29.90
small size Close eyes  @14.95*2 =29.90

At check out you will need to fill your contact details.  If you do not know what to fill in don't worry, please send them as well by email, and I copy them on the package I will send. 

Thanks so much for remembering my shop! It was lovely to talk to you! Hope you visit us again soon! xxx