• Mme Bovary - Moet just niks - woman grey
  • Mme Bovary - Moet just niks - woman grey
  • Mme bovary tshirt 100 percent organic cotton moet just niks ministerie van unieke zaken departement krijg de kleren I-do not have to do anything model Jolanda de lange little buddha atelier vlasmarkt spiritual shop measurements table

Mme Bovary - Moet just niks - woman grey



'Moet just niks'   means    'I do not have to do anything' has been elected favourite Tshirt of this season.

Our life is full of 'HAVE TO's': have to iron, have to walk the dog, have to work ...
Have to, have to, have to  ... NOT!    

This Tshirt is a statement of letting it go, imagine you do have have to do anything.

Their are only very few things in life that you really HAVE TO, but all the others are secondary, don't forget that! 

This great quote Tshirt comes in grey with black text or black with white or golden text, and is printed on fairtrade label Stanley and Stella S.A. for fairwear foundation, a 100% certified fairtrade company that work in cooperation with many designers who think that fairtrade matters.