• Mme Bovary scarves handmade large rose flower pattern embroidery 100 percent bio cotton atelier spain beige tassels yellow

Mme Bovary - Scarves - Handmade soft yellow scarf with large rose embroidery


We love scarves! They’re just so classy and feminine and practical. 

Scarves are a fantastic accessory and most women carry it in their bag for every occacion.
You can zest up any outfit in seconds by adding a coloured scarf or a scarf with patterns.
However some of you may wonder how to wear scarves in the summer so that they are neither too overwhelming nor too warm.

Rule #1: Pick lightweight scarves made out of 100% cotton and preferably bio cotton

Rule #2: Keep them loose around your neck

Rule #3: Take advantage of the versatility of your scarf, they can protect you from the sun, insects, wind or keep you warm on a chilly night.

This scarf is made in our Atelier in Spain.  Its a 100% bio cotton scarf with large handmade rose embroidery flowery, It is easy to wear, very beautiful and stylish.

The colour is a beautiful soft yellow.

We recommend to wash it by hand.