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Mme Bovary greeting card - Eat Sleep Poop Repeat


Pet greeting card - Eat Sleep Poop Repeat

Anyone with a newborn knows exactly what I’m talking about – the early days essentially revolve around the baby eating, sleeping, pooping, and repeating this every 2-3 hours 24/7.  The saving grace is they are so extremely cute and cuddly it keeps you going!  

You can send this card to family and friends that have just had a baby.   It will be a funny way to say, we are so happy you had a baby, but we understand that behind the cuteness there is a whole different world, we give you our support and love. 

The importance of greeting cards:

When is the last time you mailed someone a physical card of congratulations, thanks, or support?   Everybody is online today, but the practice of using greeting cards has never stopped and people still love it.

As a pet and pug lover we have selected this collection of Jolly Awesome Cards to be part of our Mme Bovary Greeting Card Collection.  They are funny, are printed on good quality paper and come with an envelope.  Size 14.8 x 10.5.  A6 size.

These beautiful cards are designed in a London-based studio by illustrator Matt Nguyen.

In our collection you will find a card for every occasion.  Your family and friends will love to receive them!