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  • Mme Bovary - Gift Certificate 100 euro

Mme Bovary - Gift Certificate 100 euro


Gift Certificates make beautiful gifts too ! 

Remember when you were a teenager and you received gifts you really didn't like?

Lucky enough, one of the advantages of getting older is that you can ask for what you like without feeling guilty or misplaced.

But when you want to spoil that special person, and you really do not know what they like, or it seems like they already have everything, are you are terrible in giftwrapping ?

 Then Giftvouchers come in handy. 

Mme Bovary gift vouchers are always fun to give and to receive.  They come in a beautiful handmade box and will be shipped giftwrapped to your loved one. 

So no excuses for your busy lifestyle, and all the other bla bla bla you were thinking of,
this Giftvoucher just might be the present they were expecting all along !