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  • Mme Bovary - Earcandy - Opac pink and peridot

Mme Bovary - Earcandy - Opac pink and peridot


No matter what your style is you can find adorable ear candy to express yourself.

From fun and playful, to natural tribal nomad, to classic glamour, and even work ready accessories, there’s a trend that is ready and willing to be your new signature style.
Indulge in these brand new styles and find out what you need to buy this summer.


This beautiful pair of earrings is made out of opac pink and peridot, set in a brass prong settings. 

Size: 25mm x 9mm 

They are easy to wear  and they have just enough bling bling to them. 

Everyone can wear this beautiful accessory as it is made out of brass and does not contain nickel or any other material that can provoke allergies.

They are gift wrapped in a beautiful handmade box.