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Handmade Dark Blue Druzy Geode bracelet


Meaning of Druzy Crystals: relaxation, healing, reducing stress, hapiness.

Druzy Geode is a Crystal made out of many tiny sparkling crystals. They can come in many colors and can vary from almost transparent, to translucent and opaque.
They are said to bring harmony, stability and calmness, improve your creativity.

Geodes are often used for medition as they have a powerful and beautiful energy

We have made these beautiful bracelet in our Atelier in Antwerp.  We have given this connector shaped crystal gold plated edges and finished it with 3 blue faceted crystals on each side.  Easy to open and close.  You can fit this bracelet to your own wrist without any problems.  It is adjustable in size, and will fit everybody. 

Geode is 15mm wide and 10mm length, the crystals on each side are 4mm. 

Everyone can wear this beautiful accessory as it does not contain nickle or any other material that can provoke allergies.

We recommend not to shower, swim or bathe with this bracelet because of the gold plated edges.  

This bracelet is part of the Mme Bovary Bracelet Collection and has been produced by hand in our own Atelier in Antwerp, Belgium.