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Mme Bovary - Porcelaine Helenb - Coffee girl


Coffee girl 

Coffee is one of the most known and comon hot drinks in the world.  Their are many quotes about coffee as well.  "But first coffee" "May the coffee be with you"  "Ways to buy my heart: buy me coffee, make me coffee, be coffee". 

No wonder this is one of the best sold cups in our collection !

Mme Bovary has selected this beautiful collection of porcelaine from this great designer from Gent.  Helenb, short for Helen Blanchaert is a graphical designer, she creates black and white illustrations that stand out from the croud.

 The production of this cups is a refined process where the ink melts within the porcelaine, which makes these cups dishwasher and microave proof.

You can use it for coffee or tea, for a small plant, for your toothbrushed in the bathroom, or your pens and pensils at work. 

Height: 9.5 cm
Color: offwhite
Materials: porcelaine, ceramic, transfer, indian ink