VT Wonen loves us !

Beginning of this week we got a call from VT Wonen!

If we wanted to have an article on their FB they said?


Vt wonen has contacted us for an article on their facebook lifestyle magazine interior design flair libelle sanoma

 In our Castle:     "tring tring tring .... tring"


Queen B:           "Hello, Queen B speaking" 


VT Wonen:        "Hello Queen B, this is VT Wonen! We would like to write an article about you 'cause we heard you mooved to a new Castle!  We love your shop and we would like to post a review about you on our FB, what about that!


Queen B:           "OMG!! VT Wonen!! The greatest Magazine of all times!  Our personal favourite around inspiration for interior design and lifestyle! 

VT Wonen:         "Jep, the same one"   "We will publish your article 16/6 and we thought we could make 5 of our readers happy with one of your lovely scarfs!  


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